A composting toilet can be termed as a waterless toilet that makes use of aerobic process excreta by composting the aerobic decomposition. The positive aspect of this system is that it does not need a lot of water. This guide will help you to understand the composting toilet concept and select the best composting toilet.

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Well, the composting toilet may be considered as the best alternative to the flush washroom that is used with the septic systems. Usually, these waterless washrooms are used in places where there is no proper sewage treatment plant. For example, off-grid homes, national parks and even developing countries where the water supply is quite limited.

Now there is one important aspect to remember when considering the best composting toilet; there needs to be an appropriate balance of organic material, heat, moisture, and oxygen for ensuring a rich environment for the aerobic bacteria that decompose the waste.

This plays a vital role in ensuring an odour-free operation and complete decomposition of the waste. When the human waste gets disposed of properly, the level of viruses in the waste gets dramatically reduced.

The Reasons You Should Invest in A Composting Washroom


Now if you are buying a waterless washroom, then you need to be convinced that it is a smart purchase. This is why we will look at the potential benefits of the waterless toilet here.

  • The waterless washroom is perfect for the remote sites.
  • They help to control the water consumption.
  • The composting loo does not involve a lot of power consumption.
  • If you are going for a self-contained system, then it eliminates the need to transport the waste for disposal.


How the Composting Washrooms Work and The Types Available?


If you are planning to buy the waterless washroom, then it is mandatory to understand their working first so that you can make the best choice. The best composting toilet has three main processes.

  1. Composting the waste and the toilet paper quickly and without odor.
  2. The waterless washroom ensures that the finished compost is easy to handle and safe as well.
  3. It should be able to evaporate the liquid as well.

Now there are three main types of waterless toilets. They are as follows

  1. Continuous composting toilets
  2. Batch composting washrooms
  3. Hybrid composting washroom


Continuous Composting Toilet

Now the Clivus Multrum System makes use of a continuous composting process in a large chamber.

This system has a huge inspection door that is particularly unique to this specific system. The inspection door is particularly very useful to the users because it helps them to check out if the system is functioning properly.

The Clivus composting chamber provides a separate access to the new compost and the old compost as well. What happens is that the older compost settles at the bottom of the chamber with ease and the front access hatch is used for removing this compost.


Hybrid Composting Washroom

The Sun-Mar Model ensures the completion of the composting process by making use of continuous composting and batch composting.

The compost gets added to the Bio-drum.

However, when the bio drum gets half-full, then a portion of the compost gets fed into the finishing tray that is located at the unit base.

The compost is allowed to sit in isolation in the finishing tray till it is removed as the hummus. It is disposed off by making use of the batch process model.


Batch Composting Toilets

These systems make use of two composting chambers.

Now first one chamber is allowed to get filled up and then it is put aside for the composting to continue.

Next, you need to put the second chamber to use.

The best thing about this process is when the time comes to change the chambers, the first chamber’s contents are composted by that time. This gives you the chance to remove the compost and bury it in the garden with ease and this way you can re-use the chambers again.

best composting toilet


Choose the Best Composting Toilet


When you decide to choose a waterless washroom, then you will have to do a bit of research beforehand.


Keeping The Location Into Consideration

First, you need to understand that the composting washroom is available in a variety of designs and sizes. This means that you will have to identify the location of the toilet before making your pick.

If you have accessible space under the floor, then you can go with the split systems. They fall into the category of the continuous composting washroom.

The split systems have two main sections. The pedestal that is located on the floor and the tank that is located below the floor.

If you are looking for the best composting toilet for your outhouse or home, then the split systems can be a great pick.

If you are looking for a waterless washroom for a single level home, then you can go for the self-contained units that fall into the category of batch composting toilets.

The self-contained toilets have got the pedestal and the container built into a single system. If you have limited space, then this waterless toilet will work perfectly well for you.


The Cost Factor

Well, the cost factor is also quite important when you choose the best composting toilet. You have to keep in mind that the waterless toilet may cost several hundred to thousands of dollars.

This is why the cost will completely depend upon the system that you decide to choose and the location of the waterless toilet as well.


The Capacity of Your Best Composting Toilet

The usage will also decide the toilet that you need to choose. For example, if you need a waterless loo for residential use, then self-contained toilets work best in this regard.


Maintenance of The Waterless Washroom

This is yet another factor that you need to consider when choosing the best composting toilet. Now if you have self-contained toilets in your home, then the usage will be on a daily basis, so the maintenance will also be more frequent.

This is why you need to consider maintenance costs as well when deciding to go for a self-contained washroom.


 The General Climate Can Also Be Factor

Now you are well-aware of the fact that the composting takes place when the weather is warm.

You need to be aware of the fact that if the temperature is too low, then it will eventually slow down the process of composting.

This means that you will need additional heating arrangements as well if you live in a low-temperature area and this may add up to your cost eventually. This heating process is needed to increase the capacity of the composter.


Best Composting Toilet 2018

Now that you have a clear perception regarding the best composting toilet you are going to get and how they work, it is time to have a look at the best waterless toilets available.


Natures Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

Source: amazon.com


The Nature Head Composting toilet is one of the best composting toilet available in the market. It has got stainless steel hardware and has got an elongated seat to facilitate comfort. It also disassembles in a matter of seconds for emptying.

The Positive Aspects:

  • Now, this model is available with a spider crank handle, and this is why it is useful in places with limited capacity.
  • It has a sturdy construction.
  • It has a self-contained construction. This is why you will have a separate dry composting compartment and urine collection bottles.


Natures Head Dry Composting Toilet

Source: amazon.com


This waterless toilet offers a hand crank agitator for composting fast. It has a molded design and is quite easy to install. It has also got an elongated seat design for offering additional comfort to the user.

This composting toilet has got a separator as well that helps in moving the urine into separate urine bottles. This waterless toilet has got 110V vent fan which is capable of blowing the foul odor through the 5’ outlet pipe.

The best part is that you can get additional containers with this waterless toilet as well if you intend to compost the waste for a longer period.

 The Pros

  • It has a robust construction.
  • This composting toilet is easy and convenient to use


Sun Mar Compact Self Contained

Source: Amazon

If saving water is your concern, how about making a switch to a composting toilet. Research has shown that one person can consume up to 30% of their household water when using a traditional toilet. However, if they switch to a composting toilet, they can save up to thousands of gallons per year.

The Sun Mar compact self-contained composting toilet is perhaps one of the most recognizable brands of composting toilets. This lightweight eco-friendly toilet is quick and easy to install making it ideal for a house or cabin in the woods. It comes in a medium capacity allowing it to be used by up to 4 people. Furthermore, it is shiny and easy to clean so that a single person leaving in a residential setup can also consider installing the unit in their home.

If odor is your concern, the toilet is designed with a sophisticated airflow system and seals to ensure that you are left with an odorless experience after every flush.



-The units have been around for ages with some users reporting that the have used the toilet for over a decade.
-The unit features a drum that is used for tumbling compost making it excellent for people who require compost for their gardens. -The unit runs on standard household current.
-The unit claims to be pest proof.
-No water is required.
– It has a five year warranty on fiber glass and a 3 year warranty on everything else.



-Many users have complained of urine smells. Consequently, you will be required to purchase additional filters to ensure a 100% odorless experience during use.
-Some units come with leaks and cracks- it is important to inspect the unit properly.
– The unit may be too loud and not suitable for households with many occupants.
-As much as it claims to be pest proof, there have been complaints of presence of flies at places the unit is installed.



You can opt for any of these three composting toilets, and you will be impressed by the quality that comes your way.



Tips for Using a Composting Toilet

Now when you have spent a fair amount of money on your best composting toilet, then you surely want to put it to good use. Now the following tips will help you use the waterless toilet more productively.


  • Get A Nice Smell in Your Composting Toilet: If you are worried about the fact that the waterless toilet may smell, then you should think along the lines of making use of coffee grinds. Get some coffee grinds from the local coffee shop, and you can throw in some in the composting toilet. The quantity depends upon your choice.

Now you can also make use of sawdust to get rid of pee smell in the toilet. Moreover, you can also add some sawdust in the toilet before using it.

If you want fresh air in your best composting toilet, then you can try out another remedy as well. You can light a match in the waterless toilet for a brief period. However, make sure that you turn off the match when you leave the toilet.

  • Speeding Up the Composting Process: If you wish to speed up the composting process, then you can worm to the compost. They eat up the waste fast. This is termed as the vermiculture. The worms can eat the waste pretty fast, and they can break down the compost with ease. This helps in turning the compost into fertilizer quite quickly.
  • Have A Brush in Your Waterless Toilet: There are chances that you might drop some sawdust in the waterless toilet while trying to clear away the air. This is why it is essential that you should have a brush in the waterless toilet. The brush will help you clear away the pieces of sawdust.


In A Nutshell

There are cheaper options available for your composting toilet as well. For example, you can go for pine shaving instead of sawdust.

You can easily get the wood shavings for free from a local woodworker. However, you need to ensure the fact that the shavings are not very coarse because they will not be able to lock the smell in this situation.

You can also add other materials in the toilet that include top soil, coconut coir, and kitchen scraps as well. The good news is that these items are more easily available and will not cost you a lot of money as well so try them out.

To make the best use of your waterless toilet, you need to have all the essential information as well.

The best thing to do in this situation is to get hold of books that offer exclusive insight in this regard, and it will just make the job easy for you. This way you will get all the essential insight to use the waterless toilet more effectively. Another important thing to remember is that you should compare the prices of waterless toilets when you are about to buy them.

It is crucial to compare their features as well. This way you will be able to get your hands on a waterless toilet that is worth it.

You can indulge in online research as well and this way you will get a better idea about the most sought after waterless toilets in the market. Follow the advice and get hold of the best bargain.

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