The Best Camping Toilet of 2018

There is nothing quite spending some time out in the great outdoors. Reconnecting with nature and just spending time without the use of technology and the impatience of the city. Camping is a pastime event that is a favored activity by many people.


There is nothing quite like being in nature and going back to the days of our ancestors. Yes, Composting toilet is the best way to treat our nature. However, there are some things that we have truly evolved away from and the will to defecate outside, makes some people feel like they are devolving back into their most primitive state.


best camping toilet


So if you are someone who loves camping but hates the idea of defecating outside than here are good five camping toilets to take with you to your next coming trip. You can choose the best camping toilet among them. So sit down and discover the best gaming toilets that are out in the marketplace.


What is a Portable Toilet?


The answer is quite obvious. A portable toilet is a toilet you can carry around with you anywhere you go. Most portable toilets are used for camping trips and long distance vacation journey.


They are very reliable and can be quite useful in a situation such as when you have to visit a truck stop. Truck stop restroom are nightmarishly disgusting. We have all been there before. The stench, the unsanitary conditions, the creatures coming out of the toilet…. is that just me, or did something really crawl out of the toilet.


Truck stop restrooms can be very scary so the use of a portable toilet can be a saving grace.


Top 5 portable toilets


1 – Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet


cleanwaste portable toilet

This portal toilet is extremely easy to carry around and is incredibly easy to set up. It takes only about three seconds to set this portal toilet up and you will be able to take care of business in no time.


The Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Portal Toilet has a seat, which so many people have grown accustomed to, to make the bowel movement as convenient as possible. It is compact and reliable. The portal toilet comes in what seems to be a little briefcase that makes it very simple to carry anywhere you want.


It is incredibly durable despite its size and can support up to 500 pounds….. of waste that is. Aside from these features it is very sanitary as well as being very comfortable. Lastly, the price that you will have to spend on this mortal toilet will by no means break the bank.





2 – Reliance Fold-To-Go Portable Toilet


reliance fold portable toilet

If you are looking for a toilet that is incredibly reliable and very portable than look no further than the toilet whose name has reliable and portable in it. The Reliance Fold-To-Go Portable Toilet offers many benefits of its own and makes it a sure contender as one of the best portable toilets in the market.


It folds down close to five inches making it very unchallenging for the individual to release their bowels. The seat is highly durable, and although not as strong as strong as the previous model it is still able to support 300 pounds.


The seats are extremely comfortable and the portable toilets come with a five-year warranty. It may not be as sophisticated as the previous portal toilet but it beats out the former toilet in terms of price.


This an extremely affordable portable toilet to carry around with you on your camping trip.





3 – Reliance Tri-To-Go Camping Chair/Portable Toilet


reliance camping toilet

You really can’t go wrong with this model of portable toilet. The reliance Portable toilet is not only a portable toilet it is also a reliable chair…. assuming you have your pants up. Yes it is one of the best camping toilets.

The Reliance Tri-To-Go Camping Chair/Portable Toilet is incredibly lightweight and at the same time very durable. It is extremely easy to carry around and as stated early has two functions, which is being a chair and a toilet.


The Reliance Tri-To-Go Camping Chair/Portable Toilet can support up to 300 pounds among it very durable and this is especially significant because this model of portable toilet is very lightweight.


If you decide to purchase this portal toilet, then you will not be hurt by the cost of the toilet. This barely scratches the surface of your bank account. Lastly, the color scheme is really awesome. The natural green is fitting for a camping trip.



4 – Rothco Portable Camp Toilet


portable camping toilet

If you are looking for a simple portable toilet and on that can do the what needs to be done, then look no further than the Rothco Portable Camp Toilet. Extremely lightweight and portable, you won’t have to worry about it taking up too much space.


It is easy to set up and can maintain stability even on uneven terrain. It is quite durable, power, not as durable as some of the other models on this list. This can support up to 300 pounds. The biggest advantage to purchasing this portable toilet is the price you will have to send on the toilet.





5 – Stansport Portable Folding Toilet 


stansport portable folding toilet

The Stansport Portable Camp Toilet, although visually similar to a hospital bed bucket the toilet does all that is required of it. It is not quite as durable as the other portable toilets. And it is not as reliable as the other portable toilets.


For this who decide to purchase this portable toilet, they will look to pay only few bucks. The price truly resembles the quality. If you are looking for a portable toilet but have no desire to spend extravagant ambits on a portable toilet than this is the model for you.


It may not be visually appealed or as exotically designed but it gets the job done.




Final thoughts on Best Camping Toilet


If you are in need of a portable toilet for your gaming trip and are not quite sure about what toilet to get than the choices above should surely help to make your decision that much easier. All of the toilets listed above have their own benefits and advantages.



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