Cheap Composting Toilet Buying Guide

If you are searching the market for a cheap composting toilet, be forewarned that composting toilets are NOT cheap. These toilets will leave in an indentation in your wallet. However, there are many rewards and benefits of having a compost toilet, which in the end will save you a considerable amount of money in the long scheme of things.

cheap composting toilet

So think of this as very smart invest, along with you doing your small part and helping the environment. If you are into gardening and farming and are looking for a good source of fertilizer than compost toilets are just up your alley.


In this article, are listed 2 of the most affordable compost toilets that you can purchase.


What is a compost toilet?


Before we begin it is important to know what a compost toilet is. Compost toilets are eco-friendly and extremely reliable means of managing one’s waste. The compost toilet is able to convert your waste into a usable fertilizer. Compost toilet requires no water, no flushing, and no sewage system.

cheap composting toilet
“Less water, less energy. MORE SAVINGS!”


Why use a compost toilet?


As stated earlier, compost toilets are incredibly environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the compost toilet is able to convert your waste into fertilizer that you can use to enrich your soil. These toilets also have the additional benefit of eliminating bad odors which of course is due to bowel movements.


So now that you have some idea of what a compost toilet is and why you should use it let’s get acquainted with the many compost toilets that are out in the market right now.


The 2 most Affordable Compost toilets


# 1 – Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet

Natures Head Dry Composting Toilet

This model of the compost toilet was designed by two sailors. These sailors needed a compost toilet while on their voyages and discovered that the compost toilets in the marketplace, during their time, weren’t as user-friendly as they would like. so the two sailors created their own compost toilet and ever since then it has been received with great praise.


Nature’s Head Dry Cheap Composting Toilet truly exceeds many people’s expectation and has been praised for the minimal amount of odor that is dispersed throughout the air. This attribute is perhaps the hallmark of this model of compost toilet. Another quality that has been received very well by many people and why this cheap composting toilet is very sought after is the design and model of the compost toilet.


This model can separate a person’s urine and a person’s defecation into two separate compartments. This is salient – as the solid waste turns into compost and the odor of the compost smells just like ordinary dirt. Say goodbye to stinky bathrooms.




# 2 – Nature’s Head Self-Contained Composting Toilet with Spider Handle

Natures Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

Another model that comes forms the designer of Nature’s Head Dry cheap Composting Toilet. This model is very similar to the previous model except that too has a spider crank, which can be an issue for those who live in very small areas. the spider crank takes up a bit of room and as a result, the previous edition is highly recommended over this edition.


However, the befits of the previous model are the same for this model as well.



Any other Cheap Composting Toilet Available in the Market?


Yes, there are other models out there. Such as the Sun Mar cheap composting toilet that is one of the most familiar and one of the most popular compost toilets in the market. However, this model of compost toilet is not as portable as the other models listed above and the price will set you back by $1,900.


This is a huge investment. However, what makes the two listed above to be the superior models and choices; is the price tag and the portability of these toilets. The Sun-Mar, although very sophisticated, is extremely tall and takes up a great deal of room.


As stated throughout the article the two cheap composting toilet listed above not only are affordable and portable. But they also do not take up that much space. As a result, they are highly preferred by many individuals.


Final thoughts

best composting toilet

If you are looking for an affordable compost toilet, then the compost toilets that have been listed above will surely point you in the right direction. Nature’s Head – standard and spider crank – are great compost toilets. Not only in terms of price but in the quality of the toilet.


The minimal odor that is dispersed after taking bowel movement has been something that has been praised and well received by many people. Along with the very useful features of separating the urine and the waste into two separate compartments; the compost toilets have been received incredibly well.


The price may not be as low as you would like. But just try and think as this as an invest. Compost toilets will save you a lot of water and energy. Furthermore, the ability to take these toilets and place them in others areas without having to require a plumber to help is a huge benefit as well.


It may hurt your wallet but it by no means breaks the bank. So now that you have the different choices to choose between, what are you waiting for?


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