Sun-Mar Compact Self-contained Composting Toilet

Product Name:Compact Self-Contained Composting Toilet
Sun-Mar Compact Self-contained Composting Toilet
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If environmental friendliness is your concern, how about making a switch to a composting toilet. Research has shown that one person can consume up to 30% of their household water when using a traditional toilet. However, if they switch to a composting toilet, they can save up to thousands of gallons per year.

The Sun Mar compact self-contained composting toilet is perhaps one of the most recognizable brands of composting toilets. This lightweight eco-friendly toilet is quick and easy to install making it ideal for a house or cabin in the woods. It comes in a medium capacity allowing it to be used by up to 4 people. Furthermore, it is shiny and easy to clean so that a single person leaving in a residential setup can also consider installing the unit in their home.

If odor is your concern, the toilet is designed with a sophisticated airflow system and seals to ensure that you are left with an odorless experience after every flush.


-The units have been around for ages with some users reporting that the have used the toilet for over a decade.
-The unit features a drum that is used for tumbling compost making it excellent for people who require compost for their gardens. -The unit runs on standard household current.
-The unit claims to be pest proof.
-No water is required.
– It has a five year warranty on fiber glass and a 3 year warranty on everything else.


-Many users have complained of urine smells. Consequently, you will be required to purchase additional filters to ensure a 100% odorless experience during use.
-Some units come with leaks and cracks- it is important to inspect the unit properly.
– The unit may be too loud and not suitable for households with many occupants.
-As much as it claims to be pest proof, there have been complaints of presence of flies at places the unit is installed.

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