How to Maintain a Composting Toilet Easily

Compost is organic matter. Compost is not harmful to the environment and it is used as a fertilizer.  The process involves having a heap of wet organic matter as green waste in your garden. The heap must break down slow into humus. It will take few weeks to break down. Today, the process starts by putting equal amounts of water, air, and carbon- and nitrogen materials. The heap of the mixture is then turned over. Worms and fungi will help in the process.

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What are the materials that you should not compost

Do not compost black walnut tree leaves, twigs, coal or charcoal ash as it will release substances that are harmful to plants. Dairy products are also unsuitable as it creates odor problems and attracts pests including rodents and flies. Do not compost diseased plants as the insects and diseases will spread onto the compost mixture and spoil the whole process. Fats and other greasy stuff are also unsuitable as they spread an evil smell and attracts pests.


What are the top tips on how to maintain a composting toilet?

When you think of composting, you have to pay attention to several important tips. First, you will have to mix all the green waste by adding leaves as well as shredded paper. You need quantities from both as only grass materials make the pile to stink. Next, you will have to make sure only to mix food materials. It is best to avoid compost meats and pet droppings. You also should not add pesticides as it will destroy the whole pile of waste material. Suppose you add weeds; the compost heap should be very hot to kill all the seeds that are in the weeds. The reason is that if you do not kill the seeds, the weeds will spread and start growing restricting the process of creating compost.

If you want to speed up the process, turn over the pile from time to time and keep your compost damp.  When there is the needed moisture, you can speed the process. First, come out with a compost pile and then start on creating new collections to see results quickly. When you are growing plants, have the compost mixed with the soil. You will find that plants grow well when there is compost in the soil.  The actual compost materials will come out with the compost mixture that you can use in the garden. For example, when there is too much of brown material, the compost material will take time to break down, and when there is too much of green material, the compost becomes smelly. So, it is better to have equal amounts of green and brown material. Carbon and nitrogen are important for the process.


What is a composting toilet?

Now it is time to learn on how to maintain a composting toilet. The composting toilet involves compost, and this reason is why it is important to start from the basics where you learn about compost and the benefits of compost. Compost is environmentally friendly, and it does not cause any harm to the environment. It has no harmful substances for the human body as well as the environment.

A composting toilet does not use water. What the compost toilet does is it uses a natural process where human excreta are made into compost. Water is not used to flush off the dirt, and there is no use of the septic tank.

Most of these toilets are seen in places where there is no water and in other areas such as national parks to control the waste matter and to have human waste causing less harm to the environment. These compost toilets have mixtures of raw sawdust and coconut coir to speed up the composting process of the human excretory waste. The waste enriches the soil, and the method that is used does not involve odor.


What are the benefits of using a composting toilet?

There are several advantages that one can get through a composting toilet. You can enjoy these benefits as you know the method of having the composting toilet made and if you know how to maintain a composting toilet. This process is natural and you will not have to worry about any adverse impacts on the environment.

By using a composting toilet, you can save water as water is not required to flush the waste and also it reduces the odor that will come out of human waste. Your water bills will also reduce as there is no cost gone for the use of water and the composting toilet acts as a fertilizer. You can use this fertilizer in your garden. It is possible for you to turn all the food leftovers, paper and other degradable things in your home into compost. There is no pollution happened to the environment. Composting toilets prove to be a good idea as the procedure is easy to follow and there is no harm on the environment. Composting toilets also help to save your income.


How to Maintain a Composting Toilet?

This section is all about how to maintain a composting toilet. You must maintain your composting toilet, or else your toilet will be neglected causing damage.  You will have to inspect your toilet and see what can be done to improve performance. If you use it with close inspection, you will be able to have your toilet for years and years. The first thing that you must see is whether a balanced system is there in the toilet.  You must also supply air to the compost. For this, you can turn the waste in the clockwise direction. As you do this, the compost gets air, and the process quickens. Follow these steps to maintain your composting toilet in a proper condition.


How to make a composting toilet?

The easiest way to make a composting toilet is to go to the market and buy a medical toilet seat. There are two buckets in this seat where one bucket is to pass urine, and the other bucket is for the other thing. These buckets have layers of sawdust.

What you have to do first is to place the toilet seat over the bucket and sprinkle sawdust after you have done the job. Now collect the waste matter and take it to the garden. Mix it in your garden and make a large compost pile. The urine will act as a fertilizer as it contains essentials for a fertilizer. You can use the compost from the toilet to enrich the soil in your garden.



Thus, this is all about how to maintain a composting toilet and get started with a composting toilet in your home to save planet Earth!

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