How to use a composting toilet proper way

Composting in general means a natural process of decomposing, and recycling organic materials into a humus-rich soil. It happens by the action of bacteria, fungi, or earthworms. Composting brings many advantages on the environment, and that is why the new concept of compost toilets is famous. It is necessary to learn on how to use a composting toilet, as it will become useful for you if you are someone who is thinking of the goodness of the environment.

use a composting toilet

Composting toilets are eco-friendly. They have other similar names such as dry toilets and biological toilets. They are helpful to the environment. Composting toilets help in resource recovery, and some even call them “ecosan toilets.”  It is also called “sawdust toilets.”

What these compost toilets do is they turn human waste into compost. A compost toilet does not have a flush, and it does not connect to a sewage system. This kind of toilets does not use water to be washed. This kind of toilets is employed in areas where there is no suitable water supply or sewage treatment plant. For example, you would see some of these in places such as national parks, cottages, and in developing countries with limited water. These toilets are also suitable for rural areas or parks that lack an adequate water supply, sewers, and sewage treatment. Composting toilets reduce the environmental footprint. Feces and urine as are used as fertilizers and soil conditioners for gardening or ornamental activities.

The article will show you how to use a composting toilet. These toilets work on a different procedure where carbon additives such as sawdust, coconut coir, or peat moss are added to create air pockets in the human excreta. When some of these raw materials add to the human excreta, the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio will be improved reducing the potential odor.


Essential components necessary for how to use a composting toilet?

A composting toilet has two elements. It has a place to sit or squat and a collection/composting unit.  The composting unit is divided into four main parts again. The four main components are storage or a composting chamber, a ventilation unit to make the degradation process in the toilet aerobic and to vent odorous gases, a collection system to remove excess liquid and an access door for extracting the compost.

The material from composting toilets is used for agricultural purposes. It is best for domestic gardens and to enrich the soil. The material’s nutrient availability is very high.


Sun Mar Compact Self Contained

How do Composting Toilets Work?

Composting toilets use the methods of decomposition and evaporation to recycle human waste. The process is a natural process. The Waste entering the toilets contains over 90% of water, which is later on evaporated and carried back once again to the atmosphere through the vent system. The small amount of remaining solid material will convert to the useful fertilizing soil by natural decomposition.

The oxygen, moisture, heat and organic material must be balanced to ensure a productive environment. This balance essential for the aerobic bacteria transforms the waste into fertilizing the soil. A composting toilet will have to perform three processes as below: First, the waste and toilet paper must be made into compost without odor safely, and in a way that is easy to handle. Then liquid evaporation has to take place.

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Composting toilet for tiny houses

Composting toilet tiny house is something effective that you can have inside your little home. These toilets are mainly a common type in small houses. They turn out to be best because they turn your waste into compost and reduces water consumption. They are also really simple to use and run with little water or no water.

If you are using it in your small household, you can use some of the tips like adding coffee grinds to get rid of the odor. Your potty will smell good with coffee. You can promote the speed of the composting process by adding worms to your compost. These worms will turn the matter into a fertilizer quickly. Red wrigglers or red worms are the best. Light a match after you use the toilet to make sure the air is as clear as possible. Adding more sawdust will make the composting process faster.


Some of the best composting toilet systems

Here are examples of some of the best composting toilet systems. The Bio-drum, designed by Sun-Mar, is one of the best composting toilets in the industry since the 1960’s. This equipment has three chambers. The three components are the composting chamber, the evaporating chamber, and the finishing drawer. This toilet is the best-known composting toilet in the United States and Canada. What about the Echo Tech Carousel then? It is one of the best types of compost toilets. This system has four chambers and the composting chamber in the basement with a vent pipe running up through the wall or roof.


Natures Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

Composting toilets for cabins

Composting toilets for cabins are also available. Many recommend the Sun-Mar Self Contained Composting Toilet is the best to be used in cabins. Since a high cost is involved in placing a septic tank, it is much easier to use, and the cost will reduce when using a compost toilet. Compost toilets are also easy to install in cabins. They are also eco-friendly.


Benefits and disadvantages

Now let us analyze the composting benefits and disadvantages. Composting is a nutrient rich fertilizer for your garden. It helps in vegetation, as a fertilizer and saving money also prevents pollution. There are a lot of advantages in using compost. In composting, you re-use materials. Compost is environmentally friendly and reduces your footprint on the planet. The main disadvantage is that compost is dirty and can spread a bad smell. The neighbors around will be disgusted by the smell.

There is also the self-contained composting toilet. The Envirolet waterless self-contained system is such an example, which can be easily fixed at your place. Self-contained composting toilets are the easiest as it is easy to handle, light weighted and attractive.

Hope you learned about how to use a composting toilet.

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